For Musicians And Singers Of Davids Tabernacle (Study Manual)

by Anchor
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For musicians and singers of David’s Tabernacle. God is restoring David’s Tabernacle at this time, and our church has received the revelation to be a pioneer during this restoration. The Lord has brought His worshippers from the North, the South, the East, and West to form an apostolic and prophetic worship team capable of building a daily altar of worship to God. The purpose is to guide the people to His glorious presence. The veil was torn. The door is open for us to enter with joy and thanksgiving; with song and dance, our hands, raised, and with pure hearts willing to worship the King of kings and Lord of lords. This manual, together with the impartation and technical training, was designed to take you into another dimension in your relationship with God and with this house. The spirit of adoption that reveals the heavenly Father will guide you to know your place as a son or daughter of this house and as a part of this ministry. Join us at David’s Tabernacle.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: The Apostolic Vision of the House
Chapter 2: Crossing the Line from Multitude to Disciple
Chapter 3: Why We Should Serve God and His People and What is the Right Attitude When Doing it
Chapter 4: Praying to the Father as Sons
Chapter 5: What is Praise and Worship
Chapter 6: Characteristics of a True Worshipper
Chapter 7: Requisites for Musicians and Singers of the Tabernacle
Chapter 8: The Main Function of a Worship Leader
Chapter 9: David, a Worshipper after God’s Own Heart
Chapter 10: How to Hear and Loosen God’s Voice through Worship
Chapter 11: Different Ways to Minister God’s Voice through Worship