Following God's Guidance (Women Of Faith Study Guides)

by Anchor
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The Bible is filled with stories of people who took one action or another because they heard the voice of God. Noah heard God tell him to build an ark. Moses heard God say from a burning bush that he was to deliver the Israelites from Egypt. The shepherds were told to look for the promised Messiah lying in a manger. Today, we know that God was actually speaking to these people because we know the outcomes of their stories. But how do we know when God is actually speaking to us? How do we know what he wants us to do? In this study, readers will learn how to recognize the voice of God through his Word, through “quiet nudgings” in their spirit, and even through the wise counsel of others. They will also discover how God’s voice always calls them to know him more, to be obedient to him, to wait on his perfect timing, and to always have faith in him.