Focusing Your Church Board

by Anchor
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Church boards are often the scene of confusion, conflict, and chaos. What\'s the job of a board? What\'s the role of the pastor in relation to the board? Should there be an elder board and an administrative board? Ted Hull\'s use of illustrations and analogies bring these questions-and answers-into focus.

Ted first looks at the foundation of governance, both from a biblical and historic perspective. Then he introduces Policy Governance®, often referred to as the Carver model, and confronts questions regarding whether this secular model can work in the church, or if it should even be allowed. He even argues for why a church board may not want to use Policy Governance.

When you\'re done reading, you\'ll never look at the role of a church board in the same way again. In fact, whether you\'re a member of your church board or the board of any charity, you\'ll find yourself reaching for this book more than once.