Flame Of Love

by Anchor
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In what may be regarded as his magnum opus, Clark Pinnock explores the vital Christian doctrine of the Holy Spirit. Writing out of wide learning and deep personal passion, he points the way to restoring the oft-neglected Spirit to centrality in the life and witness of the church. Pinnock\'s book is both catholic?respecting the beliefs and worship of the historic church?and evangelical?drawing particularly on the heritage of the Reformation. Always in sight is the mission of the church, because \'people want to meet the real and living God and will not be satisfied with a religion that only preaches and moralizes.\' For this second edition, theologian Daniel Castelo draws from his experience using Flame of Love in the classroom to add notes with helpful commentary and brief reflections on each chapter\'s main themes and contributions. While the classic text is preserved, the book becomes even more accessible to contemporary readers.