First Choice Only Choice

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In First Choice, Only Choice: Relationships that Last Forever, author Bill Thompson provides hope and encouragement for those looking to find relationships that will defy society's current trend towards casual sex and easy divorce. Drawing on his own life experiences as well as stories from the Bible, Thompson combines practical examples with personal insight to help young adults learn how to select a lifelong mate. If you've ever wondered about: * God's design for lifelong relationships * The reasons some relationships fail, while others flourish * How intimacy develops in a relationship * How to prepare yourself (or your children) to make a lifelong commitment * How to protect yourself (or your children) from making a commitment prematurely or unwisely . . . then this book is for you! Written primarily for young singles, this potentially life-changing book would also be a useful resource for parents, counselors, and teachers interested in helping the young adults in their life prepare for their most important, lifelong commitment: marriage.