Finishing Well, Finishing Strong

by Anchor
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Many men struggle with identity issues, mid-life crises, depression, self-esteem, and defining a life mission. Our culture has tried to redefine what Christian manhood means. A growing number of?men?see their primary identity in what they do rather than who they are. Not enough men value the importance of great character and modeling?Christlike attitudes. In Finishing Well, Finishing Strong, Jim Grassi explores what spiritual manhood looks like and how men can discover the joy of living an abundant life. Persevering through pressure and stress to find God\'s peace allows men not to quit when the going gets tough. Dr. Grassi helps men?discover the difference between having worldly success and developing spiritual significance. Men will?feel?motivated, empowered, and equipped to better cope with the issues in our chaotic culture that impact personal growth. Features include: Practical and relevant ideas and resources to assist those wishing to find more joy in their livesSpecific suggestions for lifestyle adjustments to give a better understanding of balance and stress managementAn exploration of what it means to have a spiritual mentorPowerful Bible studies for applying God\'s wisdom to developing short- and long-term goalsEncouragement for perseverance and coping with chaotic issues