Finding Home

by Anchor
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Arly Graber didn\'t run away from home. Home ran away from her. Fifteen-year-old Arly is accustomed to her mother\'s occasional absences, brought about by her addictive lifestyle. This time, however, her mother doesn\'t return, leaving Arly without a permanent home. Arly is conflicted between loyalty to her mother and anger for being pressed into a life of deceit in order to survive. She finds occasional reprieve in the care of her next door neighbor Cheryl, but the relief is temporary since Cheryl has her own personal struggles to deal with. Ultimately Arly discovers that home is more than a place... and that we are never really alone. Author bio: Emilia Keller provides understanding and insight into the lives of people in conflict, especially those struggling with issues of personal faith and freedom. Her own journey, as well as her interaction with many who have undergone the same struggle, form the basis of her work. As a result, readers easily recognize and identify with the characters and situations in her stories.