Find It Animals Board Book Highlights

by Highlights For Children
SKU: ERSHFC9781684372515
This adorable search-and-find puzzle board book is one in a series inspired by a popular feature in Highlights Hello magazine. The book encourages interactivity and invites babies, toddlers, and their parents or caregivers to read and explore together while searching for animals in the backyard, on the farm, in the ocean and more. The last page is a bonus learning activity about colors, with a red crab, yellow chicks, brown deer and more. Our Find It Board Books are baby’s first puzzles. They include age-appropriate seek-and-find fun for little ones, plus a bonus activity. The books help spark early learning by combining vibrant, baby-friendly pictures and developmentally appropriate challenges.

Key Features :

Touch and feel the embossed pages while searching for animals in the backyard, on the farm, in the ocean, and more.This interactive board book enhances learning and encourages bonding through play.With eye-catching artwork and simple words, every page includes both familiar and new animals to point to and look for in their environments.Plus, an opportunity to learn about colors is featured in the final pages. Babies and toddlers will love this favorite puzzle from Highlights Hello™ magazine!