Finally Free Bible Study

by Anchor
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\A Seven-Week Journey to Freedom from Your Past. Are you being held prisoner by your past? Do fear, rejection, low self-esteem, anger, or anxiety from your past seem bigger to you than your future? Jennifer Kostyal gives you a biblical and spiritual path of freedom from your painful past to your peaceful future.This seven-week study course is the next step in your journey to be free from the pain that holds you in your past and keeps you from the future God has planned for you. Created as a stand-alone companion piece from the best-selling book, Finally Free: Living in Peace by Releasing Your Past, this study guide will walk you through the important steps to your freedom. It provides the scriptures and tools that will allow you to strip off the layers of hurt, sorrow, betrayal, failure, and rejection that hold onto you from the past and enable you to live free – and stay free in your future. Created for individuals or group use, each week of the study focuses on different biblical people who faced their own battles to be free from a painful past. In each case, against incredible odds, they were healed and set free. They are noted in history as individuals who fulfilled their destiny to do mighty things for God. The first step in their journey was to lay aside the grips of their painful past. Will your story be next? Allow God to redeem your past, heal your hurts, and receive and walk in the destiny, freedom, and purpose your future holds. Your peace awaits! Jennifer Kostyal is a dynamic speaker, teacher, author, and founder of Jennifer Kostyal Ministries.\