Final Hour (Homelanders V4)

by Anchor
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\You\'re not alone. You\'re never alone.\Charlie West has held on to that belief, but now he\'s starting to wonder. He went to bed one night an ordinary high-school kid. When he woke up, he was wanted for murder and hunted by a ruthless band of terrorists. He\'s been on the run ever since.Now he\'s stuck in prison, abandoned by his allies, trying desperately to stay a step ahead of vicious prison gangs and brutal guards. And a flash of returning memory tells him another terrorist strike is coming soon. A million people will die unless he does something. But what? He\'s stuck in a concrete cage with no way out and no one who can help. Charlie has never felt so alone-and yet he knows he can\'t give in or give up. Not with the final hour ticking away.