Fierce Hope

by Anchor
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Are you weary, disappointed, devastated, or indifferent? Many of us have settled for lives without dynamic hope, but we weren?t designed to live this way. Hope is a key ingredient for us to flourish in life and relationships. It?s a matter of the head and the heart. It?s more than facts and information, and much more than a whimsical feeling that comes and goes. Solid hope is anchored to something bigger than you and your experiences.In Fierce Hope, Michelle invites you into her story of losing and finding hope and shares the tools that have unlocked a fierce and relentless hope for her and countless others. These proven tools will activate hope in your own life. The book is written in a way that?s easy to read whether you?ve gone to church your whole life or you feel like you would never darken the doors. Don?t settle for what you?ve known?pursue hope. You?ll find it here.