Feasts Of The Bible Pamphlet (Single)

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The Feasts & Holidays of the Bible offers important insights into the works of God on behalf of his chosen people. The Feasts & Holidays of the Bible pamphlet is a celebration of a rich and meaningful heritage given to believers through Christ. The pamphlet reveals insightful and historical facts about each of the holidays, for example
Passover: A hymn is usually sung at the end of the Passover service, as was the case with Jesus and his disciples during the Last Supper (Matthew 26:30)
During the Rosh HaShanah synagogue services, the shofar (ram\'s horn) is blown 100 times
Hanukkah is also known as the Feast of Lights or the Feast of Dedication because of a legendary miraculous provision of oil for the eternal light in the Temple
Purim marks the deliverance of the Jews through Jewish Queen Esther