Fearless Conversation Participant Guide: Why Is Jesus So Radical?

by Anchor
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When people share their stories and ask their questions, something beautiful happens. Relationships deepen, and people begin to see God at work in their lives, and the lives of others. But how do \deep\ conversations begin? Through grappling questions and respectful discussion. That’s what Fearless Conversation Adult Sunday School Curriculum is designed to do—build relationships through authentic conversation. Looking to the Bible for the truth, Fearless Conversation guides participants through genuine discussion that digs deep into what God has to say. This easy-to-lead, low prep curriculum is saturated with Bible content and will:Help people get to know God and each other better by exploring \wondering\ questions.Encourage people to look to the Bible and seek answers to their biggest questions.Foster participation so everyone is a valuable part of the dialogue. People want to talk about their faith. Give them the opportunity to openly share their stories, ask their questions, and connect with others in a safe environment. You’ll be amazed at what can happen.This participant guide contains all the lessons and notes for the first 13 weeks of Fearless Conversation: Why Is Jesus So Radical? Participants will explore Matthew and Luke.Fearless Conversation features a 2-year Scope and Sequence and will work for any size group. The first 13-week title, Why is Jesus so Radical?, releases 6/2/2014. Subsequent titles will be released quarterly. You can start with any volume you choose!