Fawn And Majesty Companion Book Set

by Anchor
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Like children, our hearts long for a perfect world, full of light, and beauty! When darkness invades our lives, our world can be shattered---like the young fawn on the road home! This enchanting, whimsical story feels like a fairytale, but is an eyewitness account of a miracle. It reminds us that light still dispels darkness, and what we think cannot be done, is still possible with God. It’s ok to believe!! This two book set offers a children’s book and an adult companion book that tells this amazing story in more detail and tells parents or grandparents how to read this book with their child.

This incredible two book series reveals the heart of God, allowing parents to explore His power in the present day with their own children, and help them relate the lessons to their own lives! There is a world where reindeer fly---let these books pull back the curtain of the “possible,” to give you a peek at the miraculous! This is the perfect Christmas gift set, but this powerful message is appropriate for anytime. Majesty (The Road Home,) contains the factual account of the true events, appropriate for adults, the children’s adaptation, The Fawn, and a section of discussion questions, “Exploring the Magic of “The Fawn.” Questions like, “If you could be in this story, who would you be?” will engage your children and open the door to understanding the heart of their heavenly father. This powerful, true story will revive the awe of the “impossible,” and move them to a place where faith enables them to soar with the reindeer above the pain and drudgery of every day life!