Families That Go Far

by wasSTL
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Whether you are getting ready to go on your honeymoon or a long time veteran of family living, your understanding of the forces and issues that can help or hinder your families future are critical. Simply put, the family is the most powerful relational unit you will ever be a part of. When it comes to your familys well being you must never settle for second best, hence the need for a book like Families That Go Far. This book enables you to explore family dynamics from a practical, scriptural perspective, offering insight and strategies that can help you to realize your familys potential. Take a moment and ask yourself have you and your spouse established your own unique marital identity? Are you satisfied with what is going on in your family right now? Do your children get along with each other? Is the emotional climate inside your home healthy and free from alarming, perhaps frightening, outbursts of anger? If you answered no to any of those questions, then now is the time to let Families That Go Far rekindle your hopes and dreams for your families future. The main points in this book are firstly, to point out husbands responsibility in developing a marital identity with his wife during the key first year of marriage. The second point is to alert parents to the dark side of anger and how Satan will try to provoke family members to simple anger. Thirdly, to point out that sibling abuse is all too real, all too pervasive, all too destructive and often all too overlooked. The fourth is to point out the strategic role giving thanks plays in overcoming spiritual and emotional difficulties.