Faith Undone: The Emerging Church-Spanish

by Anchor
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Proponents of the emerging church say it is not a church at all-it's only a dialogue or conversation. Some say the emerging church is about reinventing Christianity for the 21st century. So what does that mean? Is it possible for Christianity to be reinvented and still be Christianity? Faith Undone answers these questions and shows how this movement is opening the doors for apostasy and deception within Christendom through mysticism, interspirituality and a denial of the very gospel message itself. Some of the issues Faith Undone addresses: * Contemplative spirituality and mysticism: The "life" of the emerging church * The new missiology of the emerging church: "You can keep your own religion; just add Jesus to the equation." * Eucharistic evangelization and the road to Rome * An Emergent View on the Future of Planet Earth * Purpose Driven Ecumenism: Part of the emerging church's new reformation * How to tell if the emerging church is emerging into your church