Faith Seeking Assurance

by Anchor
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It is not uncommon for professing Christians to question the genuineness of their faith. In seasons like this, they can wonder whether it is even possible to know for sure if they are in a state of saving grace. In this book, Anthony Burgess shows that Christians not only can come to an assurance of their salvation but should pursue it. Burgess provides helpful advice for avoiding a presumptuous spirit while developing a humble confidence in grace. Here is a book that will help you understand the marks of grace and avoid some common abuses associated with self-examination. Read it with an open Bible and a prayerful heart, looking to the Holy Spirit as your faith seeks assurance.

Table of Contents:


The Necessity and Advantage of Assurance
Additional Advantages of Assurance
Can Hypocrites Attain Practical Knowledge about Religion?
Assurance May Be Experienced
The Adjuncts of Assurance
The Difference Between True Assurance and Presumption
Remedies for Carnal Confidence and Directions to the Godly Who Lack Assurance
Marks of Grace and Assurance
Using Signs for Assurance and Proving That They Evidence Justification
The Lawfulness and Obligation of Proceeding by Signs, and Answering Doubts
How People Miscarry in Self-Examination by Signs
The Duty and Particulars of Assurance
The Assurance of Our Calling Demonstrated, and Answers to Objections
Assurance versus Presumption, with Directions to the Godly