Faith Of Christopher Hitchens-Hardcover

by Anchor
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“There were those who did not want Christopher Hitchens and me to be friends.” At the time of his death, Christopher Hitchens was the most famous denouncer of divinity in the world. He was also brother to a man who rejected that atheism, the grandson of Jewish and Calvinist grandfathers, a man christened Orthodox in marriage, and a man haunted that people he deeply respected believed in the immortality of the soul. One of those people was Larry Taunton, whose conversations with Hitchens in his last months reveal a man wrestling with faith.The Faith of Christopher Hitchens examines the life and unpacks the spiritual development of Taunton\'s sometime antagonist and longtime friend. Beginning with Hichens\' education in the Bible in primary school to his decision to reject even the notion of God to his rise to prominence as one of new-atheisms “four horsemen,\ Larry Taunton traces the intellectual and spiritual evolution of Hitchens with compassion and fidelity to the convictions of both. Written with genuine affection—without giving a theological inch—Taunton’s unvarnished account of Hitchens is a candid, unvarnished look at the spiritual life of one of the most compelling, mercurial, and complicated figures of our time.