Fabric Of A Woman

by Anchor
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When was the last time you invested in you? When
was the last time you were alone with God, allowing
your spirit, mind, body, and emotions to be repaired and
Author Pamela Hines believes that it is possible to be better
at forty than you were at thirty, and better at sixty than you
were at fifty. Failing to invest in you, however, can cause
just the opposite to take place. Instead of looking vivacious
and graceful at fifty, you look rundown and forlorn. God
wants His life to permeate your life. He doesn’t want the
circumstances of life to overwhelm you and thus steal from
you His joy, peace, and rest.
With the help provided in this book, you will:
• Control your emotions rather than letting them
control you.
• Develop a more positive outlook on life.
• Enjoy a more dynamic prayer life.
• Judge yourself through God’s eyes instead of the
eyes of others.
• Be better able to extend love and forgiveness to
friends and family.
• Transform your negative thoughts.
• Experience breakthroughs in diet and exercise.
• Help other women with their self-images.
• Radiate God’s glory in your spirit, soul, and body.
God has placed within you everything you will ever need
to be a success—but it is up to you to utilize those things.
Today’s woman needs to invest in herself in order to
accomplish the multifaceted tasks set before her. Life may
tear at the fabric of our lives, but when we choose to invest
in ourselves, the mending doesn’t take long.