Eye Witness Rise Of The Apostl

by wasSTL
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World renown forensic Archeologist, Dr. Terry Harper, has miraculously survived two assassination attempts within the span of 10 days. As Israeli police try to discover exactly who is behind these inexplicable and highly detailed attacks, Harper, aided by a mysterious exCIA operative, try to escape the middle east and return to the safety of the United States, before another can be launched. Throughout the journey, Harper experiences blackoutinduced visions, where he becomes an unwitting eyewitness to the birth of the Christian faith, as seen through the eyes of the Saul of Tarsus.In this third book of the awardwinning Eye Witness graphic novel series, the transformation and missions of the superapostle Paul, are examined like never before as the author delves into questions like What happened to Paul between the time when his sight was taken on the road to Damascus to when he returned to that city, three years later, fully prepared to becomes Jesus advocate to the world outside of Palestine? Rise of the Apostle, takes the reader through a full color, fully illustrated rollercoaster ride which features the intertwining of a modern day actionthriller with an adaptation of the Book of Acts. The Eye Witness series is appropriate for readers from early teen and up.