Extreme Science Kit Spiders Of The World Wild Science

by Learning Advantage
Extreme Spiders of the World is one of a series of collectible animal science kits for kids. Make a life-size tarantula spider eating a lizard and a life-size egg sac with spiderlings. Assemble a detailed timber model of a tarantula. Build and decorate a desert diorama. Learn the secrets of 10 of the worlds most extreme spiders. For kids aged 6+.

Key Features :

Make and display a large tarantula with prey and hatching spider eggsLearn about Arachnology - the science of spiders, ancient ancestors of spiders and the amazing adaptations of spiders to their environmentThis kit comes with a spider poster that kids can hang in their roomsThis kit features a clear, colored instruction booklet that kids can easily followThis kit is perfect for science fairs, show and tell sessions, nature tables and more