Extraordinary Grace

by Anchor
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Dr. Gary Chapman is known for helping people connect at a heart level. His Five Love Languages has helped millions understand how to effectively communicate.But is it possible to connect with God at that same level?  In the book, Extraordinary Grace, Dr. Gary Chapman and Chris Fabry explore the broken branches of the family tree of Jesus. Through insights and illustrations from Old Testament saints, those Jesus encountered, and present day examples, you\'\'ll discover the type of love God is waiting to lavish. No matter what your background, your choices, or your struggles, God\'\'s extraordinary grace is available.God chose imperfect people to showcase his grace. When you understand this truth and embrace it, you\'\'ll be able to give that kind of grace. You are not disqualified by skeletons in your closet or mistakes you\'\'ve made. You can receive, possess and extend the grace of God and give him glory.