Extending The Table

by Anchor
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\'Who is missing?\' Mark Stamm asserts that this a a question the church should ask every time its members gather around the Lord\'\'s Table. He reminds readers that \'participation in the Lord\'\'s Supper is not a ritual that we perform as isolated individuals, rather we do it with the whole church in mind, even those who cannot attend.\' In Extending the Table, Stamm discusses historical, theological, and pastoral questions surrounding the subject of home communion serving to support participants in understanding and appreciating the significance of this ministry. While Stamm consistently presents information that reminds readers of the importance of \'extending the table,\' he also addressed questions and concerns that arise in serious discussions of celebrating this sacrament outside church walls. Ultimately, Stamm suggest a model for home communion ministry that takes into account scriptural teachings, historical understanding, and spiritual needs.