Exploring Christian Theology Volume Two

by Anchor
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Introduction to Christian Doctrine from Dallas Seminary Professors

This engaging and accessible systematic theology clearly explains essential spiritual truths for those new to doctrinal study or in need of a refresher. The authors use quick-paced introductions, overviews, reviews of the key tenets of orthodox evangelical doctrines, and more for an easy grasp of the subjects.

Led by general editors Nathan D. Holsteen and Michael J. Svigel, the writers are Douglas Blount and J. Scott Horrell, with contributors
J. Lanier Burns and Glenn R. Kreider. All are Dallas Seminary professors and theologians.

Exploring Christian Theology is useful for a preview or review of doctrine, discipleship, or personal reference. It can be used by ministry training programs, Bible colleges, or seminaries as an introduction to prepare students for more in-depth theological study. Now complete in three volumes.