Experiencing The Love Of God (Women Of Faith Study Guides)

by Anchor
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Most of us live our lives at a breakneck pace. We spend our days working at our jobs, taking care of our families, and serving others in our lives. All of this effort can, at times, leave us feeling overworked, overextended, and—if we are really honest with ourselves—underappreciated. It’s during these times that we especially need to experience the love of God. This is a tender sort of love that can thaw our hearts, cheer our dispositions, and remind us what this life is really about. Yet it is also a tough sort of love in that it calls us to examine ourselves and lead the kind of lives that God wants us to lead. In this study, readers will look at key passages in the Bible that speak about this kind of love, how they can get it from the Source, and what it calls them to do. They will also discover the precious nature of this love that God holds out to them and how they can receive with their whole hearts.