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In \EXITS,\ Grant Holcombe lays bare the roots and motivations that cause so many modern Christians to leave the Church and disconnect themselves from the body of Christ. He does so with candor, cutting to the very heart of the issues again and again, yet throughout these pages, his love for the Church, the Bride of Christ, is evident. He illustrates the points he makes with his own fascinating true life stories, and you will be delighted by his engaging sense of humor. In \EXITS,\ Holcombe addresses pastors and leaders, as well as the average Church members, and explains how we all contribute to what is becoming a steady exodus of people from the Church. Holcombe opens his heart and shares his personal story of the infighting and blatant hypocrisy that caused him to become cold and bitter towards the established Church for many years-and describes his road back. You will understand why he has such empathy for dissatisfied Christians who find themselves slowly withdrawing from active Church participation and drifting toward the Exits. When he set out to write this book, Holcombe determined that he was not going to simply add to the pile of negative books detailing \what\'s wrong with the Church,\ and offering the typical solution: \Scrap your Church and start all over again with an entirely new structure and format.\ Rather, gently, lovingly, and perceptively, Holcombe guides readers to see how the changes that must be made in the body of Christ begin with the person looking back at them in the mirror. You have never read an analysis of the problems facing the modern Church quite like this one! If you are personally drifting, or are concerned for those who are, you will be greatly enlightened and encouraged by reading \EXITS.\