Executioner's Redemption: A Story Of Violence, Death, And Saving Grace

by Anchor
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The wrenching account of one man s journey from executioner to pastor.

When young Tim Carter started working at a prison to make money for college, he didn t realize that he was signing away his life, his heart, and his very self to a career of brutal violence and routine executions. In the midst of the darkness of prison life, the light of God s Word shone in front of him. Condemned inmates were brought to faith and given eternal life. Families of inmates and victims took immense comfort in God s justice and redemption. But inside Carter s heart, a fierce battle raged. Was he carrying out God s will by wielding the sword of the state? Or was he actually doing more harm than good?

In these pages, you ll walk with Tim into the violence and through death row. You ll stumble with him through God s crushing judgment and into His tender love. And you ll learn that even in the darkest places, God is still there.