Excellence With Simple Elegance

by Anchor
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The minute I was put onto Bonnie s book, I knew it was a God thing. Any time an unlikely series of events leads you to discover something you needed in your life (whether you knew it or not) that you otherwise never would have found, you can be sure that s the case. Sometimes the events are understated, other times the series of opportunities are SO unlikely, you wouldn t be surprised to find our Lord and Savior scooping up a helping of shepherd s pie as he settles in at your dinner table. I thought I heard you come in. We re humbled to say the least. Pass the butter? It was a Saturday and I was submerged in some serious editing when I got a call from my best friend from high school. She explained how she was connected to Bonnie through Bonnie s son, Bonnie had written a book, and my friend wanted me to take a look at it. Do you have time? She asked. Well, not exactly, as I tip-toed out of ear shot of my husband. What s the premise? It was a Christian book. You have my attention. Not only because I can always use a little more God in my life, but because my best friend is Jewish and very committed to her faith, and yet, she s shopping around a Christian book? Cue the unusual series of events. Then, in that moment, came the odd and unexpected sensation of the weight of my work s burden being lifted from my shoulders. I had been so anxious and strained about all of these work commitments, and yet, when faced with this request, I wasn t overwhelmed. To the contrary. I might even say I felt... relieved? That s odd. With this level of excitement and eagerness, you d think I d time traveled to a toast-and-tea breakfast at a harbor-town B&B. That s when it hit me: This is important. Coordinated by hands not my own. I d find time. Send me the manuscript. My intuition (read: God s guidance) was correct. This book would help me prioritize and organize, pray, love, live patiently, cook, clean and curl my hair. And I d do it all on my journey toward excellence. Like a gust of wind that ushers you into a cozy foyer swelling with fragrant pine and cinnamon, Bonnie s sincere, humble, approachable tones invite you into her thoughts and experiences. And as if in a conversation with a close friend over a warm cup of coffee, she always concedes before she advises. She makes you feel welcome by giving you purpose for being here. She listens to the messages scripture provides us, and shares the experiences of herself and loved ones that His message has helped her through. She shares these experiences gently. By the end of the first chapter, you ll understand that we all share the same struggles, just in different forms. By the second chapter, you ll understand the power of grounding yourself in faith, family and community and you ll answer perhaps the three most important questions of your life. You ll spend chapter three achieving emotional excellence and chapter four cooking up mental excellence. Then, like the switch of a spotlight on a curtained stage, Bonnie s discussion on the seasons of life helped me understand the importance of recognizing which season I m actually in, and the value of living in it rather than looking forward to the next one. Finally, her big reveal: she shows us how do-able a life of excellence is. That it is achieved not through any complicated code or overachieving our womanly duties, but rather in simplicity. A sort of back-to-basics approach at everything from guest towels to pearls. They are the next steps that truly lead us to an uncluttered, purified, more fulfilling life of excellence. Thanks to Bonnie s words, I need less and yet I have more. And, much like the way this book landed in my life, that too is a God thing. Meghan Dryzga Senior Editor December 8, 2010