Excellence In Seed Time And Harvest

by Anchor
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About this title: Perhaps you\'ve sat in church and heard the minister say, \You just can\'t out-give God!\ Then you looked at your checkbook balance and wondered, Can I really trust God to take care of all the bills I have to pay is I give what is in my heart to give? Or maybe you heard about someone getting blessed with an unexpected check in the mail. You were happy for that person, but a nagging question kept eating away at you on the inside: Lord, when is a breakthrough going to happen for me? If these scenes sound familiar to you, this book is for you. Author Dr. Robb Thompson wants to show you how to break out of the socioeconomic box you\'ve been trapped in for so long through the power of the seed. Robb shares excellence principles designed to help you create a bright future of abundance and prosperity - as you purpose to make giving your new way of life!