Everyone A Philanthropist (Aug)

by Anchor
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Join the new era of fundraising for churches and other charitable organizations.Ministry and mission work require money. Changing the culture of organizations is hard work. Fundraising is hard work. Many pastors and other leaders find it to be demoralizing, fraught with anxiety on multiple levels. Adding to the anxiety is analysis of data from the last several years, which shows that our traditional fundraising practices are no longer working. The Covid-19 pandemic has added another layer of challenge, and differences in wealth, race, community and career have been revealed as life or death matters. Emotional and institutional ecosystems for financial giving are disrupted everywhere. It is a lot to handle.But in disruption we find possibility. It is possible to learn new fundraising practices that actually work. It is possible shift the environment in a church or other organization toward generosity without being obtuse and tone deaf to the world around us. It is possible for leaders to raise money for ministry without forsaking their core values and beliefs. Aimee Laramore shows how we can consider everyone a philanthropist?everyone!?and how this understanding can dramatically alter our fundraising and fuel our ministries to improve people?s lives.Everyone a Philanthropist gives a balcony view of new intersections of faith and giving, and provides clear cut introductory steps for making a most significant shift in fundraising and generosity. The ideas in this book unfold through real-world stories. It is engaging, heartfelt, and thought-provoking. And it is studded with tips, tools, and practical instruction, making it immediately useful for pastors, other leaders, and fundraising teams.