Everyday Hope

by Anchor
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In as few as 15 minutes a day, explore hope that fills the Scriptures and the same hope God intends to fill your life. You\'ll learn more about His promises as they apply to your every day life. Let\'s be honest, we all experience moments, even long seasons, of hopelessness. Everyday Hope, an easy to use, four-week study, will help you discover how to hold fast to His promises amidst feelings of hopelessness.

Designed for women who are pressed for time, yet crave depth from their Bible study, Everyday Hope offers a relevant and lasting approach for reading and understanding scripture as Katie Orr works through the FOCUS method each week:
F- Foundation: enjoying every word
O- Observation: looking at the details
C- Clarification: uncovering the original meaning
U- Utilization: discovering the connections
S- Summation: responding to God\'s Word

The FOCUSed15 method concentrates on quality and not quantity- no fear or intimidation. Make each minute count as you learn about His promises that enable you to hold fast to Him in the chaos of life.