Ever Present Danger (Phantom Hollow V1)

by Anchor
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Confess...or Forever Live the Lie? Ivy Griffith is a murderer. At least, she might as well be since she made a pact with Pete Barton and the others to cover it all up. Now, after ten years of numbing her guilt with drugs, she\'s finally coming clean...and home...to the little town of Jacob \'s Ear, Colorado . Hoping to find the courage to reveal the truth, practical matters must be dealt with first. Since she\'ll certainly be thrown in jail, she must secure a guardian for her seven-year-old son, Montana , whom her parents didn\'t even know existed. But at her ten-year high school reunion, an ugly twist of events pays homage to the past...and further entangles Ivy in a sick web of deceit. Can she ever shake the haunting darkness that plagues her and leave the horrors of the past buried, perhaps right alongside Joe\'s Hadley\'s body, never to reemerge?