Esther Pamphlet (Single) (Jan 2019)

by Anchor
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The story of Queen Esther helps us answer the question: Where is God when things go wrong?

It\'s easy to dismiss Queen Esther as the lucky orphan girl who won the heart of the king. But in reality, she was a young woman with a tragic background and dangerous secret that could cost her life and her family\'s. She was married to a king who destroyed peoples\' lives on a whim and had a history of killing people close to him. Worse still, the king\'s favorite counselor and chief advisor was a mortal enemy of Esther\'s family. Esther had to keep a low profile, keeping her secret, hoping he wouldn\'t make the connection. For Esther, life was unfair. But her story brings a message of hope to all who face trouble by showing how God works even through the fears and dangers. There are happy endings in perilous times!

This 14-page pamphlet includes a summary of the story, map of Persia and the Middle East, a time line, the historical background of the biblical feast of Purim, comparison charts on the key people, Hebrew/Persian meanings of their names, and the spiritual insights between the two banquets.

Size: 8.5\x 5.5\, unfolds to 38.5\ long. Fits inside most Bible covers