by Anchor
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The war is over. Or is it? The armies of Eshek, under the insidious control of their dark lord, Beladar, failed to overthrow the tiny island kingdom of Jashar. Eshekian and Jasharian alike were swept up in an outpouring of divine power and now worship the God of their forefathers together. The bonds of brotherhood and friendship grow stronger over the following months as they work together to repair and rebuild the damage wrought from the failed invasion. Now, as the work comes to an end, there is a call for help from the homeland of the Eshekians. \Our people are dying...we need help!\ Together, the combined Eshekian and Jasharian forces set sail, determined to wipe out the curse of evil at its source. But can they prevail against the powers and principalities of darkness that are so strongly rooted in the heart of the nation of Eshek? The demonic prince who rules over the kingdom of Eshek knows they are coming and he boldly issues a challenge: \Our stronghold in Eshek will withstand all of you. Let the Jasharians come! We will kill them all!\