Ephesians (Kerux Commentaries) (Apr 2021)

by Anchor
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Kerux Commentaries enable pastors and teachers to understand and effectively present the main message in a biblical textEach volume uniquely combines the insights of an experienced Bible exegete (trained in interpretation) and a homiletician (trained in preaching). These two authors work together to explain the essential message for the original listeners or readers, unpack its timeless truth, and then provide a contemporary restatement and communication insights for the key biblical concept. Every book is a resource designed and written with the real needs of the pastor and teacher always in sight, providing many ways to creatively express the principal thought in a biblical passage.Based on the Big Idea preaching model, Kerux enhances the reader\'s ability to deliver a message that is biblical, cohesive, and dynamic.For more information on the series, please visit KeruxCommentaries.com.