Ephesians (Jeremiah Bible Study Series) (Jun)

by Anchor
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The apostle Paul founded many churches in the Roman Empire, including one in the prosperous port city of Ephesus, located in Asia Minor (modern-day Turkey). Although Paul\'s initial visit was brief, he would eventually use the city as his base of operations to spread the gospel throughout the region. Paul penned this letter sometime after being imprisoned in Rome, but even in chains his concern for the believers is evident. He reminds them of the inheritance they have in Christ and calls on them to avoid divisions, resist false teachings, and take up spiritual \'arms\' to battle against the wiles of Satan. Paul\'s words reveal to all believers today that we are not only chosen by God—but we are also adopted, accepted, redeemed, sealed, and secured through our relationship with Christ.David Jeremiah is the founder of Turning Point, an international ministry committed to providing Christians with sound Bible teaching through radio and television, the Internet, live events, and resource materials and books. He is the author of more than fifty books, including A Life Beyond Amazing, Overcomer, and The Book of Signs. Dr. Jeremiah serves as the senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church in San Diego, California, where he resides with his wife, Donna. They have four grown children and twelve grandchildren.