Encounter Summer 2018: Young Teen Teacher's Convenience Kit

by Anchor
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Encounter Youth Sunday school curriculum challenges students with engaging Bible study to help them understand God, the Bible, and a biblical worldview. Teens experience God in ways that fit their lifestyle with hands-on activities like drama, art, and games plus dynamic small group discussions, research, and reporting. Encounter is flexible and requires little preparation for teachers. For students, it is biblically sound, experiential and relational.
Encounter Young Teen Teacher\'s Convenience Kit contains 1 teacher book, 1 student book, 6 posters, 4 pages of reproducible masters, one set of Encounter-The Magazine, and an enhanced CD-ROM (which includes 4 audio skits, 6 posters in digital format, 2 virtual student pages in Macromedia Flash format, 6 QuickTime video clips, and 13 Bible memory puzzles). Order 1 per classroom. Note: The CD is located inside Teaching Poster #3. For more information and scope & sequence, please see the Encounter \Product Information & Samples\ page linked from the order form.