Encounter Summer 2018: Young Teen Teacher Guide

by Anchor
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Encounter Young Teen Teacher\'s Guide includes Scripture commentary to teach main points of the lesson, activities to help the students analyze the Bible, suggested video clips from popular movies to help you introduce or apply the lesson, and much more to make teaching effective and relevant! *One is included in the Encounter Convenience Kit. Order extras for additional teachers. See \Curriculum Information & Samples above for Scope & Sequence and more details.
Each lesson provides a complete, four-step lesson plan. Each step contains two options, allowing the teacher to choose from activities that best suits your class. Each week\'s lesson follows 4 easy steps:
Setting the Stage-students define the week\'s topic
Searching the Word-students get into the Bible
Making It Real-students learn how the topic applies to their world
Living It Out-students apply the week\'s topic to their personal lives