Encounter At Cold Harbor (Bonnets And Bugles #8)

by Anchor
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The war between North and South grinds on. Battles. Hard times. Divided families. Separated friends Heartbreak.

Jeff Majors and Leah Carter, sixteen and seventeen now, face a new set of personal problems as well, Leah offers to care for Jeff\'s baby sister-now what\'s to happen when Leah becomes ill?

Captain Majors, Jeff\'s wounded father, finds relief from his loneliness in a growing friendship with pretty Eileen Fremont. But Jeff can see the direction things are heading, and he doesn\'t want a stepmother!

Then the Northern army invades Virginia, and Jeff finds himself caught up in the terrifying bloodbath of Cold Harbor. Come along with Jeff and Leah again as they learn to handle the ongoing uncertainties and staggering disappointments of life.