Emma Of Aurora-Complete Change & Cherish Trilogy

by Anchor
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This novel will appeal to readers of Kirkpatrick\'s previous best-selling works, particularly her historical novels. Both men and women will identify with Emma\'s struggle to balance independence with the need for community, while women will be intrigued by the character\'s desire to rise above second-class status within her religious community. A historically accurate account of one woman\'s life in a communal religious colony of the 1850s. In her trademark lyrical style, Kirkpatrick weaves historical details into her story line, peopling it with complex characters and deftly conveying powerful insights on the nature of faith, community, and the human spirit.The story acts as a witness to the devastation of suppression while celebrating change and cherishing the faith and hope found in ordinary women\'s lives. Story Locale: 1860, frontier coast of Washington