Emerging Faith

by Anchor
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In non-Western contexts, Christianity has often been viewed as the religion of foreigners with a hidden political agenda. Sharing the gospel in non-imperialistic ways can be challenging, particularly in Asia. Every location to which God calls his messengers has its own rich history that should be shared with gospel workers and local people. Those desiring to serve interculturally must learn as much as possible about the past before joining that history. Are we learning from the past, or are we simply repeating the same mistakes in our own times and places? No culture in the world is a blank slate; rather, we can look for the initiating, inviting work of the missio Dei already emerging from within every surprising source. This book showcases the writings of sixteen reflective practitioners who offer insights based on their study and experience of history. These women and men come from a wide variety of cultural and theological backgrounds. Their stories include: An American who brought Protestant Buddhism to Sri Lanka A Norwegian Lutheran who started a Christian monastic community in Hong Kong A local scholar who led a faith movement in China that nearly overthrew the government A Thai villager who became an evangelist and a silent-film star Highlighting key people and places, Emerging Faith surveys several Christian movements found in the mission history of Asia. If you wish to challenge your thinking and respond to God\'s invitation to participate in the global context, look here for encouragement and guidance.