Effective Parenting In A Defective World DVD

by Anchor
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Book Description Raising children is a tough challenge in today's world. Peers and pop culture exert a never-ending pressure on kids. Chip Ingram will lead your group to a new understanding of how God's principles for raising children still work today. He also shares from personal experience as a father who coped with teenage rebellion and other challenges. Packed with practical advice, this series will give struggling parents a vision for their children's future and life-changing help for today! Session #1 How to Raise Positive Kids in a Negative World 31:22Min #2 Building Relationships that Bond 37:50 Min #3 How to Develop Your Childs Full Potential 39:47 Min #4 God's Process for Teaching Obedience 27:59 Min #5 How to Discipline Your Child Effectively 33:20 #6 Punishment versus Discipline 26:15 Min #7 Words That Discipline 31:38 Min #8 Five Smooth Stones for Parenting 38:16 Min #9 When All Else Fails 31:02 Min 3 DVD Set 9 Sessions (2008) ISBN 1605930199 Retail $105.00 ($35 x 3)