Echoes Spring 2019: Early Elementary Teacher's Commentary (#5020)

by Anchor
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Each of the 13 lessons contains step-by-step instructions to help prepare and teach. Tips help teachers understand kindergartners and first graders, with helpful suggestions for enhancing their Sunday school experience. The lessons guide pre-session and post-session activities, and walk through a four-step lesson plan. Bible background articles provide further interesting information. Need one per teacher.


Understanding the Bible section helps the teacher prepare for the class
Understanding Your Students section shares on age level and offers classroom tips the teacher can incorporate
Easy four-step lesson plan:
Life Need: an activity and a time of sharing to help kids actively participate in the classroom, build relationships with each other and the teacher, and prepare for the Bible story
Bible Learning: includes the Bible Story and Bible Story Review questions and activity to present and review the Bible passage
Bible Application: incorporates Bible Memory Verse Practice and a craft that reinforces the Bible story and how it applies to the student
Life Response: an application step to help kindergartners and first graders take what they have learned into the rest of the week at home
Quarterly supply list
Ideas for early arrivers and when you have extra time
Link to Last Week helps the teacher discuss with students how they applied the lesson throughout the week at home, and support and encourage them