Echo Valley

by Anchor
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With her university studies behind her, Marie Stumbar is in high spirits as she anticipates her future. As soon as the ceremonies are over, Marc, her fianc e, will be taking her to Echo Valley to tour the ranch where he has been employed for the past year, and to meet his friends there. The tranquility of her world suddenly shatters when she receives a telephone call, informing her of a traffic accident that has claimed Marc\'s life. With her dreams lying in ashes at her feet, the days and weeks drag on as she wrestles with the grief of loss and a future that now looms dark and foreboding. Determined to learn more about the country and the friends that impacted Marc\'s life, Marie applies for a teaching position in Echo Valley\'s school, oblivious to the exciting and often threatening experiences she is about to encounter. Share with Marie the heartaches and discouragement as she tries to deal with ungrounded questions that tug at her confused mind. Experience vicariously the dangers of unexpected encounters with cattle rustlers and robbers in the most unexpected places. Feel the mystery, romance, faith and adventure as Marie\'s life in Echo Valley unfolds. Her journey through deep valleys, to her mountaintop experience of finding peace with God, will not soon be forgotten. Bio Martha Toews Anderson grew up with eight siblings in their farm home near Waldheim, SK. She placed her faith in Jesus Christ while a child. After graduating from what is now Millar College of the Bible, she married Eilif Anderson. They were blessed with six children, all grown with families of their own. Martha and her husband, a retired inventor and manufacturer, now live in a senior\'s complex in Edmonton, AB.