eBook-The World's Best Customer

by Anchor
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\'Sher Valenzuela represents the new breed of leaders that America needs now more than ever. She is a leader capable of creating sustainable and scalable systems and processes, balancing budgets, leveraging strengths, optimizing efficiencies, and reaching out to others to get things done.More than simply a case study, formula or model, The World?s Best Customer captures and conveys what is best about America?entrepreneurism, free enterprise, capitalism, government, and public-private partnerships. Every entrepreneur should read this book with pen and paper in hand and learn how you too can add The World?s Best Customer to your client list!Sher and her husband, Eli, along with their business partner Ashley Wolfe, own and operate First State Manufacturing in Milford, Delaware. Sher and Eli built their business from one sewing machine in their garage to a 70,000 square foot facility employing more than 70 people. In The World\'s Best Customer, she candidly shares their journey from incredible challenges to victorious triumphs.\'