Eat & Stay Thin

by Anchor
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Many people think too often about eating; and whether it\'s five pounds, fifty, or more, they worry about losing weight. God never meant for food to be a primary focus. He intends for His children to enjoy all of life free from worry and fear, including constant concern over losing or maintaining weight.

In this book, best-selling author Joyce Meyer shows you how to stop thinking about food and get on with the rest of your life--free from bondage and filled with joy. With the sensitivity of one who struggled for years with eating and weight problems, Joyce Meyer blends her personal experiences with biblical revelations of how to enjoy food but keep it in its proper place. She confronts and exposes misconceptions and offers fresh, practical advice to guide you step-by-step toward living with true freedom in Christ.

Discover and rise above the underlying reasons for overeating, and learn why true weight loss starts with feeding your soul. Focus on becoming all you were meant to be . . . someone uniquely and lovingly created by God and called for His purposes. Make the decision that today is the day you will begin eating better and living free!