Earth Out Of Orbit Volume 1

by Anchor
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This four-book series revisits several prophets and their many predictions. One of these prophets foretold major events 1 to 210 years before they happened. He even made a prediction for our time: a country will cause our earth to oscillate out of orbit. Imagine the consequences! The series also revisits several kings and queens responsible for major historical events. We even have pictures of them. One picture belongs to the Egyptian princess who rescued baby Moses from the River Nile. Another picture is of Moses himself could it be him? And could he have been the architect of the Egyptian monument most visited by tourists to Egypt? You judge. This first volume of the series covers the prophecies and histories of nearly 1,000 years, from 1929 to 913 BC. It starts in Ur of the Chaldeans, home of the Ziggurat, and continues to Egypt. There, even in the hectic times of the Exodus, we still get our answer as to how an Israeli managed to become the vizier of Egypt. Perhaps we have even discovered why a high-ranking Egyptian officer vanished suddenly (Who was he? And was he indeed the intimate of the queen?). We are not so sure, however, that we know why the pharaoh of the Exodus has boils on his face. The volume carries on to King Solomon and the legends created about him. Some say they are not legends. But there are more puzzles still: why did King Solomon keep his temple unoccupied for 13 years after finishing it? Where did he hide his huge amount of gold? Who found it? The first volume ends with a servant of Solomon figuring out a way to create a new religion. All that aside, this emotionally-packed series of books shows that our earth is not a chariot, full of all kinds of people, roaming aimlessly in space. Rather, there is a predetermined master plan and a schedule for the short work God is accomplishing on earth as He gathers a family for himself a royal family. Perhaps you are one of these future royals. With love, Sanctus est Adonai