Earth Moon And Stars Mini Bb St Gr. 1 And Up

by EDResources
SKU: CTP6989

Use this 19-piece Earth, Moon and Stars Mini Bulletin Board with Gr. 1 and older students to help them:-Learn academic vocabulary relating to Earth, the Moon, and stars-Describe what causes night and day and the seasons-Identify the phases of the Moon and why they occur-Comprehend what causes lunar and solar eclipses-Learn what causes daily changes in the length and directions of shadows-Understand the different positions of the Sun, Moon, and stars at different times of the day, month, and year.Key concepts covered in realistic-looking illustrations:Phases of the moon, rotation of the earth, time of day and position of the sun and Earth, north pole, south pole, solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, the sun and shadows, the sun in the northern hemisphere during the seasons, angle of suns rays during seasons and times of day, stars and seasons, Orion constellation, Earth's seasons, revolution, orbit, axis, phases of moon Also contains an activity guide with lesson and display ideas and related learning standards.