Dysfunctional Family (Hope For The Heart) (Single)

by Anchor
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In many ways, dysfunctional families are becoming the "new norm" in our society, affecting families in and outside the church. In this 96-page book, June Hunt explains the signs, characteristics, and impact dysfunctional families have on children's attitudes and behavior - revealing the ugly truth that dysfunction often produces more dysfunction. She presents practical ways to break the generational cycle of dysfunction, giving hope to those who come from this background and equipping those who minister to them (pastor, church leader, or friend) with practical insight on how to help. Coming from a dysfunctional family can often make a person feel helpless - doomed to repeat the same mistakes and behaviors as their parents. June emphasizes that change is possible. Using the familiar Bible story of Joseph and his brothers, June reveals how God can use one family member yielded to Him to change the dynamics of an entire family.