DVD-Who Do You Say That I Am?

by Anchor
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Do you long for a faith that moves mountains?Becky Harling lay on the floor of her family room, devastated, confused, and feeling overwhelmed. That day began her quest to find out who Jesus really is. She immersed herself in the gospels and what she found there changed her life and faith forever. In Who Do You Say That I AM? you will explore some of the toughest questions Jesus asked and His revolutionary answers—His I AM statements. This DVD accompanies the Who Do You Say That I AM? Bible Study and includes: 8 video teaching sessions that go with each week of the studyA Promo video—so you can get your friends excited to study with you.Access to printable listener’s guides for each video and additional resources that will enhance your small group experienceDiscover the gift of video resources. They’ll save you time, improve group interaction, and help you lead with confidence.